1) Wedding Day Contributions
This makes for the best present because it'll probably be the most useful. Putting together any occasion is time consuming & stressful but when it comes to a wedding everything has to be just perfect. Add to that the expenses that come with a wedding and the bill adds up quickly. If you can help pay for a small slice of the wedding day, that's a gift that will be appreciated!

2) Department Store Gift Certificate
The cool thing about a department store is that they have lots of stuff to choose from. If you decide to make a choice for the bride & groom, well that's just one item they may or may not like. On the other hand if you give them a gift certificate they'll be able to mix and match what they like on their own time.

3) Paid For Vacation Package
So they've just gotten married and now they simply want to spend some quality time with each other. You can help them do that by doing an all paid for vacation package as your wedding gift. Keep in mind this doesn't have to be super long or super expensive. You can book a nice hotel suite for a couple of days nearby just so they can get away.

4) Set Of Kitchen Utensils
What newly wed bride isn't going to need kitchen utensils? This is one of those gifts that is fun to receive because it can actually be used on a daily basis. She's going to want to impress him with delicious foods day after day. Help her do that with a set of kitchen utensils which will contain everything she needs!

5) Spa Gift Baskets For Two
Sending a set of spa gift baskets probably combines elegance and appreciation in one simple gift. They'll be able to spend time with each other in a soothing and relaxing way. These are very well priced and can be purchased with both the bride & groom in mind.

6) Personal Hobbies & Interests
It seems like people never think about what the bride & groom actually enjoy when selecting a wedding gift. This seems pretty obvious but people usually try to buy something expensive or something that just looks really good. Don't try so hard, simply find out a personal hobby the bride & groom share & pick out a gift according to that.

7) Monogrammed Pillow Cases & Bed Sheets
Unlike most gifts, this one is customized to give it a special touch & a sense of personal thought. These days you can pick up upscale pillowcases & bed sheets from your local shopping mall. Or you can get them monogrammed from the get-go by doing the whole process online.

8) Customized Wedding Photo Quilt
This gift is sure to get them excited! The idea behind this one is to give a present that will be memorable and meaningful at the same time. You'll have to do a bit of coordinating with the wedding photographer in order to be the first one who gets access to the wedding photos but it'll be well worth it. Pick a dozen or so favorite pictures and get a quilt made from them.

9) Personalized Presents
Today it's so simple to come up with personalized presents but nobody does them because it takes just a tiny bit of more effort. They are instantly more special to the recipient because they stand out from those plain gifts purchased at retail stores. Doing something as simple as engraving their names makes it personal!

10) His & Her Bath Set
Bath sets are super cute, especially for that new home or apartment that the couple will have just moved into. She'll love setting up the bathroom with all the essentials in a practical bathroom set. These are very useful since they'll have to soon purchase them anyways, you can give it as a gift


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